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Title piece from
"Streams of Tranquility"

By Ricardo Alves Pereira

(includes additional score with extracted melody)

This month’s Premium Content comes in the form of a score. This has been a long lasting dream that team CordaSonora was walking towards for some time now. Many composers and interpreters throughout the written-music history would publish their compositions (or their interpretations of others’ compositions) as sheet music for their audience to enjoy. There were times when this was the only way to record and reproduce music of course, but even with sound recording technologies getting advanced, score publishing did not slow down as scores give a different opportunity to the players; a chance to make the music “their own”. We feel the need as much as the next player when it comes to scores, and we feel the need as much as the next composer as well, to share our music in notated form as much as the recording. So without further ado, here comes Ricardo Alves Pereira’s scoring of the title track from CordaSonora’s latest release “Streams of Tranquility”, which is prepared for the classical guitar player and also for any other musician to enjoy as the original score is followed by the extracted melody, which is the first that will be followed by many.

Available in .PDF and in .jpeg formats

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Behind the Scenes: Part 1
"The Photoshoot"


A short trip down the memory lane, arriving to earliest memories of The Wandering Bard (TWB Ensemble) that include a sewing machine, an outdoor festival and a good deal of sushi.

(Includes a timelapse video from the latest CordaSonora photoshoot)


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We do not ask for monthly contribution nor we ask a minimum amount. We all give what we can to support art and artists and we believe you will too.

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A Talk Witch Tchinar Vol.2


Yeah there, have questions or what? With that look on your face? Never seen a scar? 

I can’t believe it, here I am, trying to have a night off, spend some time and share my goods with the most loving people of this town that I just arrived at, and they can’t let me enjoy my mead in peace, can you get me another one? At least you don’t ask questions, madam, a privilege of your job. We talk and you listen; we talk even if you don’t ask questions and you listen even if you don’t want to. Thanks for the refill. 

Is it bleeding again? The crust is still fresh, I know, I’m trying not to touch it but can’t help it. Sorry if I mess up your counter -I will clean it, it’s not like I’m drunk! Not yet at least. Where was I?

5251 words / 15-20 minutes

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The Tale of Capricornus


This is a story with a happy ending, and like many other stories with happy endings, it starts with a sad beginning. A beginning so old that it had lost its age in time; countless autumns drizzled rain and dust over it and buried it alive. This beginning reaches us, collected and translated by generations of bards, out of whispers of breezes over the mountains Ayr i Kandir. And sang by the bards too, many a times, to the Capricornus itself, back then trapped and chained to the giants that stood still, shadowing the edges of the Kingdom of Leyriath.

This beginning is of pain and separation, when Ayr i Kandir, twin sons of Terreon rose during the Great Tremor, destroying the Ancient Leyriath and dragging the Children of Maaré away from her aquatic womb, forcing them to the dry lands. The titans rising from their realms, passing through seas of Ancient Maaré, had pulled with them at least one of the Portals of Zodiac, the mighty Capricornus itself, and many of the offsprings of Capricornus.

Few might not know but the Zodiacs, of magic and yet formless, in the times of Ancient Leyriath when…

5320 words / 15-25 minutes

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The Path of Moonlight


When asked about her powers and whether one could learn the power of words as well as she did or not, the Mistress of Words would smile, nod her head “yes”, and she would say that it was pretty easy. With enough curiosity, one could learn anything easily. And then she would tell this story:

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She had olive skin, curly and flame colored hair and a mighty curiosity for figuring how things worked. For her, magic was in the mechanics, not in the songs and spells. She liked studying all gadgets, tearing them into bits and pieces to really learn how they were made. She could fix all her friends’ toys before she could reach a tavern’s counter; she could even mend the toys that needed winding up that came with all sorts of wheels and gears. And even though she was too short to reach, she loved to be by the counter in the tavern; the tavern in the center of the village by the river Liz on one’s way to Ervarya, for folk of the village would always meet there and they would pass on stories and lore to each other while merrymaking…

8475 words / 25-35 minutes

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A Talk With Tchinar

Reading Order Not Required to Enjoy the Works

Liked that song? Oh my, thank you! Care to help a thirsty musician? 

Who am I, you asked? Ready to drink some more? Well, the music is nice, I know these people -good musicians, the bartender is friendly, why not say yes? Hey Tandra, can I get a refill? As long as you make sure my cup is full, I’ll tell you my story!

Oh thanks for the refill… You are very generous. Well, it is not about “who you are” sometimes you know? Without luck, none of us could’ve made it. I wouldn’t have made it to this inn. You wouldn’t have made it. I’ll start my answer with another question.

What am I? 

I am lucky.

Lucky to be found -more than once -more than twice -by the correct kinda people in the right place -in the right time. It all matters…

4328 words / 10-15 minutes

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The Song Of Lumino


Nobody powerful had actually wished to be powerful but they wished to become powerful; because no power is realized unless needed. They stay still. They rest. They sleep. They wish not to be called upon, because great power can only awaken under grave danger. 

Ask any true hero, they will all say the same. They would all rather the circumstances that proved their unbelievable capacities to not happen in the first place. Great power asks to be needed so strongly that it appears out of nowhere and overrules everything. Great power belongs to heroes and heroines born to misfortunate lifelines; to destinies full of obstacles that need ambition to navigate through, bravery to face fears and powers to overcome deadly tragedies.

But even if some might not have an ending, every lifeline has a beginning, where powers are all resting within, and growth needs time and becoming needs a story. Surely there was a time when Lumino did not know of his powers. And surely there was a time when Lumino had to find out about…

4388 words / 10-20 minutes

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The Wizard of Leyriath


All must hold hands when in need. Need can change, as the hand. All must create when the end is inevitable. Creation can change, as the end.

Creation can not be done alone, this is to be, at least for most of us. Creation of one needs two. Creation of mind can not be of one either, as it is of all that is in the mind, beyond the one itself. This is why we all look for inspiration out there. May it be the life that we create, or the story of it, it is always out there, and no creator is alone, since it can not be. It is said that Nunium did not only have more than one in his mind, but also in his heart. It is said that he carried two heart beats instead of one.

This is the story of how that came to be.

Nunium, the one that we know today as the Disciple of Lumino and Adamante, Hermit of Ervarya, Guide of Capricornus and the Wizard of Leyriath, was once not shouldering all the names we know of him today. He was to carry them one day alright, he was to travel to worlds far beyond Leyriath, but not that day.

That day, Nunium, titled of no one of nowhere, was wandering by the banks of the rivers Liz and Lena, in search of the…

2839 words / 8-15 minutes

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The Birth of Lumino


It is assumed very naturally of course, that when there is a glorious act, there is a bard present. Because it is a bard’s duty to turn one’s destiny into a legend for all. A bard bends time and emotion and makes the story real by making their audience feel the heartbeat of the hero, the cold of the dawn, the smell of the monster, even in a tavern’s warmest corner. 

But who could tell how it all began for Lumino, the Song of Hope? Which bard was to be present at the ends of the waves, facing beings that once lived through the Great Tremor? Not even the most talented of the Bards of Salyr could swim to the horizon to experience the birth of the greatest hero ever. 

So was thought for thousands of years. Nobody knew how Lumino came to life. Nobody knew how Lumino began his journey, or how did he get to be followed by a shadow larger than his own, on each step he took. 

Generation upon generation, dryland folk and the Salyrians alike, wandered about it, but no bard dared to tell the story. It would be too obvious that it was made up, it would be the laughter of another thousand years to come! So actually no mortal was waiting to be told of one of the most magical stories of creation; the beginning of the Bard’s Saga.

2252 words / 5-10 minutes


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