CordaSonora team is always on the lookout for collaborations.

We are available to perform in festivals and occasions, we enjoy producing music with new collaborators, become part of concert formations, compose and perform for documentaries and just as much, we are also highly interested in producing game and movie soundtracks.

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Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira & Ricardo Alves Pereira
Recording artist, composer, arranger, sound engineer, video editor, photographer, designer @CordaSonora

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Previous Albums


Contemporary music, early music, world music and classical music works. Click here to see all previous releases.

The sixth album by the TWB Ensemble (The Wandering Bard) is an exhilarating journey through sound, a musical marvel that breathes new life into the medieval Cantigas de Santa Maria, attributed to Alfonso X, the Wise, a visionary Iberian king of the 13th century embellished by a legend from Leyriath.

In “Streams of Tranquility”, the immersive and modern melodies weave the album’s soundscape into the depths of calmness within the contemporary music scene. Aside from presenting his skills as a classical guitar player, in this album Ricardo Alves Pereira also shares his composer side with the audience; and it is fresh, intimate and inviting.

“My Vielle and the Rest” is a collection of 12th and 13th century songs, mainly but not only composed by troubadours and trouvairitz, presented as instrumental music in their most profound and most candlelit form for the audience to experience the silence, enjoy the darkness and cherish everything one can find within.


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A Small Bit of a Very Big Picture:

Alfonso X and Cantigas de Santa Maria

A musical note on itself is very hard to “obtain emotion” from, we need to hear the note in its melodic context to find its meaning, was it high? Low? Long? Short? Followed by many many notes? Was it the only note for a full minute? All those answers related to a note we hear depend on what we had heard right before, and what we will hear after; over time

Same applies to a king as well. So I will write a text some might find confusing now. Because history needs a before and an after to be really heard. Its very much like music. It needs time.

So, here we go. El Sabio, the wise one.

(Includes a timelapse video from the latest CordaSonora photoshoot)