Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira is dedicated to various platforms of musicianship. She performs, composes and produces in styles that expand from early music to jazz. She plays most instruments that at least resemble a violin and some more, all of which can be heard in orchestral works that she produces.

She is currently active in TWB Ensemble and Leyriath assemblage. Her solo albums and other collaborations can be found on all major music streaming platforms under her name.

She began participating in non-classical music formations during her early years of conservatory education in IUSC and CSMV while on numerous talent grants; meanwhile she kept insisting on discovering new styles with her instrument at a time where such interests had to be kept rather a “hidden” in the academical realm from which she received her BoM degree cum laude. She then pursued further education on jazz violin in CvA under the AHK talent grant.

Among many others, previous ensembles and orchestras she participated in either as a band/orchestra member or as a guest include Vigo430, Metropole Orkest, IUDKSO, Istanbul Swing (jazz manouche band), Dot Quartet (jazz&folk string quartet), Quintessences (modern collaboration string quartet), Ikarai (modern jazz ensemble), Hadras i Baranas (traditional sefardi music ensemble), Cuerdical Dragon (classic rock&blues band), and Noesis Ensemble in which she did the musical arrangements for the sextet.

She is also a three times published writer of fantasy fiction that sold thousands. Her first publication happened when she was 12 with a short story named Kül (Ash), on the same year her novel Kitap Kahramanı (The Book Hero) followed, in which she had the motivation to make kids read more books while keeping things interesting for the young readers (main charachters of Esin’s book were looking out to find a cool book for their lost-in-the-real-world “book charachter” friend). Later on her second novel, connecting the expectations about after life to the needs and assumptions of the living through a love story between two women called Sonun Sonrası (After the End) got published when she was 19, followed by many other stories. Currently she is working on “Leyriath: Retold by Esin” that will soon find itself a place among audio books and ebooks in fantastical literature.

Since 2018 Esin is producing music as well as making it; she is the sound engineer to almost all formations she participated in since then and The Songbook of Tchinar is her solo orchestral project where she builds everything from scratch, starting from the compositions. She also directs and produces video material and deals with presentation material for various musical formations.

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Although a solo album, this collection of songs have always been played in pairs which Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira provides on her own, focusing on sonorities of Scandinavian folk music from the 19th century with an authentic approach.

First set of the orchestral soundtracks used in a TTRPG podcast show; composed, played, recorded, mixed and produced by Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira.

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Perfomed by the Metropole Academy
Conducted by Tijn Wybenga
Composition: Tijn Wybenga
Lyrics: Marína Ósk Þórólfsdóttir
Concert-master: Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira
(Violin solo after 03:10)

Guitar/Vocals/Composition: Angelo Boltini
Live at Wisseloord 

Venus as a Boy – Björk
Arranged by Kevin Halporn
Live at Blue Note Amsterdam

Music & Lyrics: YenTing Lo
Voice: YenTing Lo
Piano: Tommaso Perazzo
Violin: Esin Yardımlı Alves Pereira
(Violin solo after 02:10)