The Wishing Well

“Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.”

Can’t find the sheet music of the piece you wish to play? Here you can find other people’s wishes, which I transcribed especially for them. Depending on the student’s level, each piece mentioned below hold a nice content to teach in terms of technique, musicality, expression, which can be applied in other pieces later on.
The more wishes there are, the more the wishlist repertory grows. Which is nice because one student’s personal taste can match with the other one’s as well, this way all of my students gets to be aware of nice songs that they can play that they might have never thought about before.
I transcribe for free for my regular students. If you wish to have a piece transcribed for you without having regular lessons, you may ask via sending me an e-mail via

Transcribed Pieces

Below are examples of how each score looks like.
The full scores of are kept for CordaSonora E-School of Violin students, they can access to all.
If you want to access one of them without becoming a student, contact me.

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Russian Dervish&Morning in Macedonia – Bill Whelan

Beautiful, hypnotic, enchanting melodies from the Riverdance show, suitable for violin, good tool to learn ornamentations.

Amhrán Na Farraige – The Selkie Song – Bruno Coulais,

A magical soundtrack from a magical movie, the melody is suitable for violin. Sounding it as beautiful as singer Lissa Hannigan is a big challenge.

La Valse d’Amélie – Yann Tiersen

I made two versions of the transcription of this score, the one where everything is in 1st position and fast parts are eliminated, and the full version. Both trancsriptions follow the original music, and they can be played over the recording. Depending on your level, we can work on either of them.

Altalena – Lino Cannavacciuolo

The main melody is easy if you are fluent in 1st position. Second part of the melody is carried on to the higher octave, which is good for getting used to 3rd position. The solo parts of each string player can be relatively challenging for an improver, but its music can exist by being just the main melody.

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again – A. L. Webber

There are different versions from Sarah Brightman, Emmy Rossum, and others, and each of them are from a different key (lets say different starting note). Some being easier to play on the violin, the transcriptions of each version are available.

Kimi wo Nosete – The Castle in The Sky – Joe Hisaishi

Instrumental version of the famous soundtrack. If you don’t know the movie I strongly recommend it. The rhythmic phrases are sometimes a bit confusing, but manageable. Other tonalities are available as well.

Sicilian Serenade – Taro Hakase

Two versions available, one that needs 3rd position, and the easier version that carries the melody one octave down time to time for the whole piece to stay in the 1st position, both are written with exact timing of the recording, so you can play it over.

Viva La Vida – Coldplay

Good workout for right hand technique. Interesting source for violinists who wants to get more pop vocabulary. I recommend anyone who wants to play this to listen to it a lot to get uset to the rhythmic patterns. Once you get used to it, reading the repetitive notes become easier.

Taverns of Azeroth – Lions’s Pride – Jason Hayes

Despite many other qualities of it, WoW is also an awesome game when it comes to cool soundtracks. This is a nice fiddly tune that suits well to violin.

Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling

We have a Lindsey fan in the house! One of my students really likes her pieces, so I transcribed a few of them. It is a nice workout for speeding up the right hand technique.

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Carol of the Bells – Lindsey Stirling Version

Another piece from Lindsey. Nice reminder of Home Alone movies! A version with only 1st position also available, if you don’t want to climb up to 3rd. Get ready to have a nice left hand exercise.

All Of Me – John Legend & Lindsey Stirling

Nice material to see what a violin part can become when playing a pop song. Full violin part transcribed and explained in the sheet music.

Come And Get Your Love – Redbone

String parts are really nice and informative for sort of lines that can be used in such pieces. Good to work on for violinists who wants to write their own parts over originals. Two versions available (one octavated to be only in 1st position, other being the full score)

To Vals Tou Gamou – Eleni Karaindrou

Anyone who has been to Istanbul knows that this had become the anthem of Taksim Istiklal Avenue. Each and every bookshop would put it on, so much that when you would walk through the 2 km long avenue, you could always hear it. A student of mine from Istanbul asked me to transcribe this piece for the memories of it. Prepare your left hand for some repetitive lines, it is a serious workout for some!

Zombie – Cranberries

Dolores lives in our hearts. This amazing, historically important song’s vocal line is suitable for playing it on the violin. It is a melody that can develop your ideas about rhythmic syncopation. Also, if you have a friend that plays even a bit of guitar, you can play it together after some rehearsals!

Me Voila Hors du Naufrage – Charles Tessier

Hauntingly nice melody, looks simple but it is nice to work on expression and delicacy over it.

Caravansary – Kitaro

In the transcription melody line sometimes includes other instruments for the one line of music to be telling the whole story. The first part of the piece is quite easy to play, and full of long notes, hence a good piece to work on vibrato.

Le Naufrage – Christian Langlade

In the transcription melody line sometimes includes cello, or 2nd violin, for the one line of music to be telling the whole story. It is a really fulfilling piece to be playing with the recording for an improver, since the whole sound is produced by strings.

 Fairytale – Alexander Rybak

Good songs always win in Eurovision, despite the “neighbour sympathy” votings of each country involved. Alexander Rybak represented Norway at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with the song Fairytale and was the winner of that year’s contest with a record amount of points at that time. This is a good piece that includes nice double stop lines. Transcription includes the vocal melody as well.

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