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Our “Web” is just full of cool websites, apps, databases, all of it! But sometimes too much information causes confusion, not being able to decide where to begin, which app to trust, what source to use. I did my share of spidering around, and encountered some really useful, no nonsense websites that can provide you nice fundamentals and they can also become your daily go to pages.
Some might be familiar to you, but below are things I usually recommend to my students.

IMSLP stands for the International Music Score Library Project. They share all sorts of public domain sheet music. For beginners it might be a bit tricky to find your way around, but get lost in it for fun.
I am not kidding. Sometimes the obvious is not visible at first, that is why I need to put this link here. Wikipedia contains information about each an every music style/composer/player/era etc. It provides accecible information for beginners, and references they give are always nice for people who wants more. covers the classical music industry, providing news, reviews and interviews of interest to violin performers, teachers, students, and fans. More than 26,000 violinists have registered as members on, allowing them to post articles, comments and discussion board threads on the site.
I personally used this app to get a hold on to some uncommon scales and extended open position chords etc. It takes from the very beginning, reaches to a nice complex level.
Free sowftware to write music. I prefer Sibelius software, but if you don’t want to make a big purchase, this is not bad.

cordasonora e-school of violin
Cool information pool for music theory. Their web service is for free. You might need someone to explain you the explanations, or not, I know both are possible.
Simple and practical (quiet perfectionist) tuner for browser. There are gazillions of tuner apps for cellphones, tablets etc. But this one has a nice design for computer screen as well.

Google metronome
Nothing but metronome. Simple. Practical. Works on cellphones, IPad, computer, etc. Has an OK click sound.
Friendly metronome website, gives you the A440 for tuning as well. If you want to use it, click the “use legacy version” under the metronome you see on the right side. It has a better click tone.
Cool thing about this page is that, if you login, you can have a “practice timer” that shows your total time practicing with the metronome, your daily average and that sort of fun stuff.

Do You Have Recommendations?

Write to me to suggest your favorites! I love discovering cool stuff!

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