3 Bards spread music and experience adventure in the World of Exandria. 

The Wandering Bards of Wildemount is a podcast that follows 3 real-life bards as they play D&D and journey across the world of Exandria and through the continent of Wildemount, created by Matthew Mercer from Critical Role. All the music for the podcast is either composed/improvised and performed live during the game or recorded later by our musicians after the gameplay.  

The group will be playing and interacting with Dungeon Master, Tariq Khawaja who will set the scene, lead them through the narrative, and be their guide through the continent of Wildemount.  

The Wandering Bard are a group of classically trained musicians who specialise in early music and folk music.  They are no strangers to making and forming musical narratives, but this project will be a new adventure for them as they bring their skills and expertise to the medium of an actual-play D&D podcast.  

All of the artwork for this project is created by the incredible Isabel Martinez- check out her other stuff at www.facebook.com/artbybiki. Mixing, mastering, production and design is all taken care of by CordaSonora productions- you can find out more about them and their various projects at www.cordasonora.com

If you’re a fan of D&D or Critical Role, or if you’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons but enjoy early music and folk music then this podcast is for you! Join us and experience narrative, story and music all moulded together into something that’s a little bit unique, and witness a true adventure.  

The Wandering Bard’s usual repertory includes pieces from well known early music composers and anonymous contributors of 17th and 18th century who created the basis of traditional folk and early music. They will be reflecting this vocabulary during the gameplay and music making.

They are an international group who have been invited to perform in various venues and festivals in the UK, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. They recently participated in Brighton Fringe 2019 in the UK and Pianton Festival 2019 in Spain. With all musical arrangements created by the ensemble, the group also gives workshops for arrangement making and forming musical narratives.

After their successful album carrying the name of the band, their second album is also available on all major music stream platforms, and the physical copies are exclusively available during their concerts. Third album is on the way!

The Wandering Bard plays The Raggle Taggle Gypsies
Music video by Tariq Khawaja


Tariq Khawaja is a podcast host, D&D enthusiast, and Critical Role fan from Brighton, UK. Tariq is the host for ‘The Movie Brew’ podcast and has run several games in The TTRPG space over the last 3 years.

Ricardo Alves Pereira is a multi-instrumentalist who leads his audience to imagine stories through his musical narratives in various projects which he produces.

Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira is the founder of CordaSonora Productions and a musician with diverse experience in a variety of different musical styles and genres that expand from early music to jazz.

Albums of TWB

Physical format of the albums are exclusively available during concerts.

“The Lady in Green” is the second album of the early music/folk ensemble and it is now available to the audience via all major music streaming platforms. This narrative tells the challenges of a romantic affair between a prince and a singer whom were not meant to be. The repertory includes works of Henry Purcell and John Dowland as well as traditional rheels and an unforgettable song we all know called Greensleeves. 

“The Wandering Bard, a musical narrative” is the first album of the early music/folk ensemble and it is now available to the audience via all major music streaming platforms. This narrative is a fantastical adventure born from timeless folk songs from the British Isles and tells the story of a wanderer in search of a cure for a beautiful dying girl. Join the wandering bard in this album, and follow him throughout his quest to find the healing lavender flower!

In Good Company with King Henry VIII tells the tale of the murderous king of England by focusing on his six wives, each of whom gets their own song on the album. Through music and words, the story is told with all the drama and violence it deserves. Soon to be available on all major streaming platforms!

TWB Albums:
Soprano/Voice: Kat Carson
Violin/Vielle/Rebec Esin Yardimli Alves Pereria
Classical guitar/Oud/Lute: Ricardo Alves Pereira
Percussions: Adam Passingham
Arrangements by: Ricardo Alves Pereira&TWB
Narratives written by: Ricardo Alves Pereira
Artwork in first two albums: Kat Carson
Cover designs: Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira&Ricardo Alves Pereira
Recording studio @ CordaSonora studios
Mix: Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira
Mix “TWB A Musical Narrative”: Metehan Köktürk
Asisstant: Ricardo Alves Pereira
Mastering: Metehan Köktürk
Mastering “TWB a Musical Narrative”: Metehan Köktürk&Adham Farid

The Wandering Bards of Wildemount
Dungeon Master: Tariq Khawaja
Players: Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira&Ricardo Alves Pereira
Artwork for “TWB plays DND”: Isabel Martinez a.k.a Art by Biki
Visual design: Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira&Ricardo Alves Pereira

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