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“With their fourth and latest album; “Leyriath, of Music and Legends: Cantigas de Santa Maria (Alfonso X)”, the ensemble had an instrumental approach to the famous Cantigas that are often sung. A lot of young audiences that otherwise would not encounter this almost millenary music are part of the ensemble’s listener profile today, due to the ensemble’s mythological approach to this wonderful and highly regarded music via their historically informed arrangements and authentic approach to the magic of the old eras.

Winning the hearts of thousands through the Pandemic Era with their online stream concerts of Cantigas de Santa Maria during 2020, the ensemble gained the strength to go into the studio with this repertoire; what we believe is that they managed to put their hearts into their work; and it is audible.”

“Com o seu quarto e mais recente álbum; “Leyriath, of Music and Legends: Cantigas de Santa Maria (Alfonso X)”, o ensemble abordou de uma maneira instrumental as afamadas Cantigas, que usualmente são apresentadas com canto. Muito do público jovem, que de outra forma não encontraria esta música quase milenar, faz parte do perfil do ouvinte comum do ensemble. Isto deve-se à abordagem de carácter mitológico aplicada a esta música maravilhosa, mantendo a autenticidade cultural no nosso contexto atual, e valorizando os saberes (e de certa maneira a magia) das eras passadas.

Conquistando o coração de milhares de ouvintes nos seus concertos online de Cantigas de Santa Maria durante a Era Pandémica de 2020, o ensemble recebeu a força necessária para entrar em estúdio com esse repertório; e o que nós acreditamos é que eles conseguiram colocar coração e alma nesta obra; sendo perceptível ao ouvir-se a sua música.”

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Solo Classical Guitar Album
IX Mans Futuro Music Award

“Ricardo Nuno Alves Pereira, has received the first prize with the album “Ciclos”, in which, on a musical level, he explores several intertwined cycles in his life.” – La Opinion, A Coruña

Recording session string section member
“Tasteful dream-pop, with dreamy synth-chords, ornaments and soulful singing, the orchestra really shines.” –

Recording session string section member

Solo violin
11th Golden Indie Music Awards (GIMA) winner for Best Jazz Album and Best Jazz Song (5 Minutes in Between)


Faro de Vigo

Ricardo Nuno Alves wins the IX Mans Futuro musical award for his album “Ciclos”

The Portuguese guitarist Ricardo Nuno Alves Pereira received yesterday the IX Mans Futuro Award for Musical Excellence awarded by the Paideia Foundation together with the Department of Culture, Education and University Planning of the Xunta de Galicia to new professionals. Ricardo Nuno Alves Pereira, who began his guitar studies in Leiría (Portugal), has received first prize with the album “Ciclos”, in which he explores various cycles intertwined in his life.


Ricardo Nuno Alves logra el IX premio musical Mans Futuro por su disco “Ciclos”

El guitarrista portugués Ricardo Nuno Alves Pereira recibió ayer el IX Premio a la Excelencia Musical Mans Futuro que otorga la Fundación Paideia junto con la Consellería de Cultura, Educación y Ordenación Universitaria de la Xunta de Galicia a profesionales noveles. Ricardo Nuno Alves Pereira, que comenzó sus estudios de guitarra en Leiría (Portugal), ha recibido el primer premio con el disco “Ciclos”, en el que explora varios ciclos entrelazados en su vida.


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Classical Guitar Performance
Video directed by Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira
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Keep An Eye Foundation

The jury report from Keep an Eye Outstanding Talent Award 2017:

‘Today we should no longer distinguish between different music genres. The Metropole Orkest is a great example of an ensemble that is unique because of its versatility: from classical music to jazz, soul and dance. Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira embodies this ptshilosophy. She has a classical background but has also become an expert in playing jazz violin. She was the perfect bridge builder between the jazz musicians in the orchestra and the more classically trained string players. As concertmaster, she understood the repertoire of Jong Metropole perfectly and communicated well with the strings, so that the section sounded as one. Finally, she turned out to be a fantastic soloist in Snarky Puppy’s Atchafalaya.” 


‘Vandaag de dag zouden we geen onderscheid meer moeten maken tussen verschillende muziekgenres. Het Metropole Orkest is een geweldig voorbeeld van een ensemble dat uniek is vanwege haar veelzijdigheid: van klassieke muziek tot jazz, soul en dance. Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira belichaamt deze filosofie. Ze heeft een klassieke achtergrond maar is ook een expert geworden in het spelen van jazzviool. Ze was de perfecte bruggenbouwer tussen de jazzmusici in het orkest en de meer klassiek geschoolde strijkers. Als concertmeester begreep ze het repertoire van Jong Metropole perfect en communiceerde ze goed met de strijkers, zodat de sectie klonk als één geheel. Tot slot bleek ze een fantastische soliste in het stuk Atchafalaya van Snarky Puppy.’

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Literature Anthology 2003 contains one of Esin’s short stories called Kül (Ash) which she wrote when she was 11 years old.

The Book Hero: Esin’s first novel written when she was 12, about 3 friends helping a book character exploring children classics, looking for a “cool book to enter”. 

After the End: Published when Esin was 18, this novel tells the story of a woman facing the mysteries of love the meaning of life during her death.



Guitarist Ricardo Alves Pereira recorded the musical narrative “The Myth of Arion” in Pinhal de Leiria after the forest fires as a way to demonstrate his feelings for the rebirth of this natural heritage.
“I wanted the audience to feel the power of rebirth. This is the center of “The Myth of Arion”; When Arion and Delphin become constellations, they become part of a cycle that seems infinite to us. Practically destroyed by last year’s fires, Pinhal de Leiria is rising from the ashes once again, perhaps even stronger than before. Seeing the regeneration of the forest made me feel how strong nature is; same impression of infinity as the constellations in the myth.”

O guitarrista Ricardo Alves Pereira gravou a narrativa musical “O mito de Arion” no Pinhal de Leiria como forma de demonstrar o seu sentimento pelo renascimento daquele património natural.

“Eu queria que o público sentisse o poder do renascer. Isto é o centro de “O mito de Arion”; Quando Arion e Delphin se transformam em constelações, tornam-se parte de um ciclo que nos parece infinito. O Pinhal de Leiria, praticamente destruído pelos fogos do ano passado, está a renascer das cinzas, talvez ainda mais forte do que antes. Ver a regeneração da floresta fez-me sentir o quão forte é a Natureza, dando-me a mesma impressão de infinito que as constelações no mito me dão.”


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