Metehan Kokturk

Sound Engineer&Designer

Metehan Kokturk is a sound designer and engineer that is performing as a sound artist and composer in various independence collectives. His DJ performances are based in Istanbul. As an active computer engineer he used to work for one of the most used information and telecomunication technologies’ company. These days he is combining his skills to enter into the music scene from a unique perspective.

He is also known for his mix and mastering works for various artist, including The Wandering Bard. His non-musical works include sound designs for the independent movie “Ruzgar Tayi”, and numerous podcasts that include Podcast; a podcast about software business world.

Metehan Kokturk is also an awarded dancer and a multi instrumentalist and he uses his skills to approach various musicians from the sensitivity of a musician and a performer when it comes to acoustic treatments within the studio. He plays mainly plucked instruments but he also plays the piano, violin and clarinet.

When he is not busy dealing with sound waves and all its various forms, he likes to take photographs of the city life where he currently resides; Istanbul.

Selected Sound Design Works

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Raggle Taggle Gypsies

Selected track from the first album of The Wandering Bard, mix by Metehan Kokturk, mastering by Metehan Kokturk&Adham Farid

If Music be the Food of Love

Selected track from second album of The Wandering Bard. Mastering by Metehan Kokturk


An experiment on Noise Music. Composed for MIAM Noise Collective XIX.
Please beware of the volume.

German Coin

Composed for MIAM Sonic Arts event, Shapes and Dots.

Out Of Nowhere

An experiment on Musique Concrète. Composed for MIAM Electroacoustic Collective XIX.

Another Path

Composed for MIAM Groove Collective XIX @Pixie.


A collage from the sonic transformations of sounds from a sculptor’s atelier works.

The Orchestra of Pots’n’Pans

Composed for MIAM Sonic Arts event, Shapes and Dots.

Sound Design for Chappie

A short scene from movie Chappie, which I did the whole sound design for Film Sound Design class. As a background music, I used Combat Ready from Extreme Music, composed by Mitchell Marlow (SESAC).

Sound Design for Coffee and Cigarettes

A short scene from movie Coffee and Cigarettes which I did the foley and dialogues with a friend for Film Sound Design class. As a background music, I used Western Cover of Game of Thrones theme, which is arranged and performed by Benedikt Mendzigal.

Lightsaber Sound Design w/ Synthesizer

A short scene from Star Wars which I did the sound design for lightsaber with Korg Minilogue synthesizer. Done for Film Sound Design class project.

Spaceship Scene From Star Wars

A short scene from Star Wars which I did an abstract sound design for ambiance and spaceships. I used the sound samples from one of my electro-acoustic music composition, German Coin. Done for Film Sound Design class project.

Past Education and Private Instructing

Metehan Kokturk obtained a Bachelor in Science in computer engineering. He then later on got his Master of Arts education in Music/Sound Engineering and Design from Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM) from which he graduated and received his degree cum laude.

Metehan Kokturk believes that teaching is the best way to learn, and learning is the key to widen perspective of life. He always enjoyed sharing knowledge and experience with people around him, which led him to start teaching privately both about various music instruments he likes to play and about sound engineering. If you wish to receive any lessons from him, contact via

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