Leyriath Assemblage, found by Ricardo Alves Pereira, is dedicated to collect the many myths and legends of Leyriath, recorded by Nunium, the Wizard of Leyriath.

The manuscripts of Leyriath contain mythological stories that center Nunium, the Wizard of Leyriath who travels the world with his bards who accompany him on the long journey of life, to tell and sing the stories of fortune and disgrace of his wonderful kingdom of Leyriath.

Leyriath Assemblage has sworn to share as much of these precious tales as possible. Finding alternative ways of reaching to the curious ears, the Assemblage unites forces with the TWB Ensemble and embed the myths and legends with repertoire that is easyly associatable with the geography and realm; Medieval and Renaissance music from the Iberian peninsula.

At the moment the legends and stories are told in the tone of medieval troubadours, with a touch of fantasy, during TWB Ensemble concerts and they are also finding themselves ground in the albums the ensemble releases. Plans for the future include releasing retellings that are being prepared by Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira and poetry in its raw format. 

Latest released album in collaboration with TWB Ensemble is available on all major music streaming platforms.


Leyriath: Of Music and Legends

TWB Ensemble’s 4th album is the first of many that will come as the result of a collaboration between the Leyriath Assemblage and the TWB Ensemble. “Leyriath: Of Music and Legends – Cantigas de Santa Maria (Alfonso X)” is released in order to celebrate te 800th year since the birth of King Alfonso X El Sabio. The musicians are celebrating this occasion by bringing the audience to the medieval times.

At the end of the album, a surprise awaits the audience, since it will be the first time one of the rare uncovered chapters of the Leyriath legends will be heard embraced by the repertoire the ensemble performed during the album with a perfect balance of historical accuracy and authenticity.

Although many seemed to be lost in history, Leyriath Assemblage has sworn to uncover as much tales as possible.


The Wizard of Leyriath


All must hold hands when in need. Need can change, as the hand. All must create when the end is inevitable. Creation can change, as the end.

Creation can not be done alone, this is to be, at least for most of us. Creation of one needs two. Creation of mind can not be of one either, as it is of all that is in the mind, beyond the one itself. This is why we all look for inspiration out there. May it be the life that we create, or the story of it, it is always out there, and no creator is alone, since it can not be. It is said that Nunium did not only have more than one in his mind, but also in his heart. It is said that he carried two heart beats instead of one.

This is the story of how that came to be.

Nunium, the one that we know today as the Disciple of Lumino and Adamante, Hermit of Ervarya, Guide of Capricornus and the Wizard of Leyriath, was once not shouldering all the names we know of him today. He was to carry them one day alright, he was to travel to worlds far beyond Leyriath, but not that day.

That day, Nunium, titled of no one of nowhere, was wandering by the banks of the rivers Liz and Lena, in search of the…