Isabel Martinez

creator of many things in many medias.

Isabel acts, sings, plays, draws, writes, dances, composes. She does them all with love and care and with great enthusiasm and professionalism.

She studied XX in XX, went to explore her skills XX in XX with XX. She received XX from XX with XX. Until now she participated in formations XX, XX and XX among many others. She performed on stages of XX and XX festivals, and alike in XX, XX and XX. She is an active member of XX foundation and XX collaborations. She is the co-founder of XX with XX and XX which is active since year XX. As a freelance illustrator she was commisioned for XX book and XX XX. Her XX was presented in XX in XX. She mainly likes to play XX, XX and XX and she performs these genres on her XX, XX and XX. She was a performer in XX which was staged in XX. She was a volunteer XX in XX foundation which made XX possible. She also likes to XX which found itself a place in the XX by XX.

She likes XX and XX and in her free time she XXs and XXs. Her favorite XX is XX.

She performs on a XX made by XX, a XX made by XX. She uses XX and XX when she designs but she also likes to XX by XX.

Below are examples of her many skills and hardwork.


You can find recording date and more information about each video by opening them on YouTube

One of the best moments in life.
(Violin solo after 03:10)

Raggle Taggle Gypsies

The very first recording of The Wandering Bard
Shadow puppets designed by Esin!

The 5 Minutes In Between

Beautiful piece by YenTing Lo
(Violin solo after minute 02:10)

Da Tempeste

From Giulio Cesare, by G. F. Handel, recorded live at Kat Carson’s recital ‘Of Love and Loss’.

Drawings and Paintings

Esin loves to teach. She teaches violin, improvisation, composing through violin, jazz and pop violin and music theory and history, depending on what her student wants/needs. CordaSonora E-School of Violin has some of the many materials she uses during her lessons. It is also the home to exciting learning tools and song transcriptions suitable for all levels of players.

Past Education

Esin studied classical violin with various talent grants and complementary scholarships in Spain (CSMV) with Mario Peris Salom and in Turkey (IUSC) with Bahar Biricik and Gulden Teztel among many others. She studied jazz violin in The Netherlands (CvA) with Jeffrey Bruinsma, Julia Philippens and Tim Kliphuis, under the AHK Talent Grant. The latest award she received is the Keep An Eye Outstanding Talent Award which she won through her participation and performance skills as concertmaster during the Jong Metropole 2017 project. Contact via to get the full bio.

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