How to Choose the Right Instrument For You?

Instruments are like magic wands. You think you are the one choosing them. But in reality they choose you. There are few things that are under your control though, below you can find some tips about it.

Tips for A (Potential) Violin Player

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Beginners, dont’t buy the cheapest!

Your first violin matters a lot. Even if you just want to discover if you like to play the instrument. Purchasing the most cheap instrument available will most likely put your motivation down since it will not sound cool enough even in the hands of a trained violinist. Put your budget over €100-€120 or the equivalent of it in your currency.

Own your instrument

I would recommend you to not rent an instrument. Purchasing the instrument will strengthen your commitment to the cause. Renting an instrument might be useful when you want to upgrade your violin to a level of quality that you can’t purchase immediately.

Care for your violin

Your instrument might need maintenance after a while. Your violin teacher will be able to fix some stuff, but your bridge might need adjustment, your pegs or fine tuners might need a change. (Fine tuners of beginner violins are not the best quality most of the time) It is best if you can find a music shop where the staff can handle minor adjustments like this on your violin, because s/he will have spare pieces if needed. Most of the luthiers deal with way more expensive violins so their pricings may be off your budget.

Online shopping is also an option

You can go to or a similar page to check the instruments to not be limited to few options the music shops around you can provide. I personally use this shop for my purchases because their guarantee procedures work perfectly and they sell many products to choose from. Online shopping in general lacks at the relationship with the staff obviously but sometimes it is worthy.

Bow matters a lot!

Violin can’t make good sound without a good bow. Your bow is your magic wand which makes the sound personal. When you want to upgrade your instrument, make sure to get a higher level bow as well.

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Buy your strings online.

A professional violin player who practices/rehearses/performs can play the instrument for many many hours a day, and needs to change the strings on an average of every 6 months. Obviously you wouldn’t need that in the beginning. But when you want to upgrade your sound, before making a major move to buy/rent a better instrument, you can get a new pack of qualified strings for around €30-€50. Online shopping prices are most of the time cheaper and again, you can have more options to choose from.

Shoulder rest is part of the shopping list

Shoulder rest is often used by violinists, but few prefers playing the instrument without it. It is a tool to keep your shoulder posture stable and often provides a huge comfort to the player. Even if your idol/teacher/friend don’t to use it, get one to make a decision of your own.

Violin case choices

In case you don’t know the meaning, oblong cases are the rectangular ones. They have a compartment for the scores and have a wider pocket inside the case for the shoulder rest. Cases with other shapes (although you might find them cooler) will not allow you to put a regular A4 music sheet nice and flat, and some shoulder rests might not fit in the case perfectly, both can cause lack of organization and compactness.

The choice is yours

It is yours to play. Yours to hold. Yours to carry around. Yours to love. Get the case, the bow, the violin with the look you love. You will be looking at it every time you play it, it will effect your motivation. Dark wood, pale, shiny, mat, colorful; anything that attracts you will strengthen the bound between you and her (or him).

Don’t forget to name your violin!

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