Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira

esin yardimli alves pereira

Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira is a musician dedicated to various platforms of musicianship. She performs, composes and produces in styles that expand from early music to jazz. She began participating in non-classical formations in her early years of classical conservatory training which lead her to pursue a career as an independent artist. She received the Outstanding Talent Award from the Keep An Eye Foundation, a prize she won through her participation as the concert-master of the Jong Metropole 2017 project that lead to her investment in music production. Today she plays most instruments that at least resemble a violin, violin itself and some more, all of which can be heard in her compositions that she produces herself from scratch that are used in the TWBplaysDND show. She also is the sound engineer to various formations, video producer to others, and designer to most of her collaborations.

She studied classical violin with many talent grants in Turkey and in Spain although it was always a struggle to keep the interest going, so she often secretly participated in celtic music groups, rock and metal bands, gypsy jazz ensembles on the side througouht her studies (it was pretty illegal to claim non-classical interests in the classical scene back in the day as some might recall). She then studied jazz violin in The Netherlands under the AHK Talent Grant. As a result of both training paths, she gained a confidence and independence that reflected on her non-jazz and non-classical related projects as well.

She likes books, cats and she loves to make experiments while cooking. Some of her many favorite writers are Michael Ende, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Paul Auster, Astrid Lindgren and Erich Kästner. She has two published novels, named Sonun Sonrasi (2009) and Kitap Kahramani (2003).


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Some pieces have Esin’s violin solos, you can find the timing below the videos

Will stay forever as one of the best moments in my life.
(Violin solo after 03:10)

Live at Wisseloord

Shadow puppets designed by Esin

Violin solo after minute 02:10

Sound&Video co-produced by Esin 

Collab project from 2020

Collab project from 2020

Collab project from 2020

Collab project from 2020
Sound-video edit by Esin

Venus As A Boy

Live at Blue Note Amsterdam

E. Chausson – Poeme

Solidarity to Taksim Gezi Park Resisters

Lonnie’s Lament

Violin solo after 04:30

Dragon Dance

Violin solo after 02:20


Learn with Esin

Esin loves to teach. She teaches violin, improvisation, composing through violin and other instruments, jazz and pop violin and music theory and history from a worldly aspect, depending on what her student wants/needs. She’s found CordaSonora E-School of Violin to gather her students’ works and some of her teaching material from her lessons. It is also the home to exciting learning tools and song transcriptions suitable for all levels of players. She was a volunteer teacher of the Olive Seeds Foundation while in Turkey, and besides teaching she gave musical therapy concerts and organized summer workshop events.

Past Education and Projects

Esin studied classical violin with various talent grants and complementary scholarships in Spain (CSMV) with Mario Peris Salom and in Turkey (IUSC) with Bahar Biricik and Gulden Teztel among many others. She studied jazz violin in The Netherlands (CvA) with Jeffrey Bruinsma, Julia Philippens and Tim Kliphuis, under the AHK Talent Grant. The latest award she received is the Keep An Eye Outstanding Talent Award which she won through her participation and performance skills as concertmaster during the Jong Metropole 2017 project. Contact via to get the full bio.

Among many others, previous ensembles she participated either as a band member or as a guest artist include Istanbul Swing (jazz manouche band), Dot Quartet (jazz&folk string quartet), Quintessences (collaboration string quartet), Ikarai (modern jazz ensemble), Cuerdical Dragon (classic rock&blues band) and Noesis Ensemble in which she did the musical arrangements for the sextet. Their sound was described as “hauntingly sincere” and “youthful and energetic” by music critics from Turkey.

As a member of various orchestras (Metropole Orkest, IUDKSO, Vigo 430…) and ensembles she gave concerts in UK, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Russia, France, Spain, Turkey, Germany and The Netherlands.

About CordaSonora Productions

CordaSonora began as an erray of Esin’s various music project portfolios because saying “I do jazz, I also do classical, I also do world music,” was not convincing folk as much as showing it. Both she and Ricardo are dedicated to growing their projects with discipline, which lead them to handle the production work in many of the them. With this approach CordaSonora later on turned into a production branding.

Below are examples of Esin’s video and sound production

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