Classical Music for Toddlers and Parents

One Saturday morning sitting at a cafe in Amsterdam, Esin and Ricardo were thinking about bringing classical music to toddlers in a fun way without compensating any of the ingredients of classical music. It was one of the rare sunny winter days, so luckily they had some time to enjoy the sun and brainstorm. The project they wanted to build supposed to be a concert performance, not a play-date.

It was going to be “the first classical music concert” of an individual’s life.

Since the target audience of the project is quiet demanding in terms of keeping things interesting, there had to be a lot of excitement and communication with the audience. That was a challenge.
Esin and Ricardo prepared coreographies over folk-influenced classical pieces to show that this type of music was also to be danced to. Keeping it non-verbal for the sake of the concert ambience, Esin and Ricardo started to work on musical motives that were used instead of words.¬†They were going to be used in between the musical pieces to show that musicians can “speak” as well. As a result, they invented a musical language that during the concert the kids could learn and understand completely.

They named their project “Cats, Flowers and Vanilla Ice-Cream“, after their three most favorite things in life, which are cats, flowers and of course, vanilla ice-cream.
Feedback coming from parents were not only about how their kids enjoyed the performance. The parents enjoyed a lot the quality of the music they were listening to as well. Pieces were not only performed for the kids, but for their parents as well. Which is one of the unique qualities of the concert program.
The repertory was build on pieces from Bach, Beethoven, Grieg, Boccherini, and many other special classical music composers. But it also consists interactive sections that help the children to understand the aspects of beat, tempo, musical dynamics. Locally well known children songs are forming the final section of the performance, in which all kids are invited to sing and dance together with the musicians.

Cats, Flowers & Vanilla Ice-Cream is a musical project specially prepared for toddlers and their parents.

Did you know?

Esin and Ricardo can adapt their performance for a V.I.P. audience in special events (a.k.a. birthday parties). In this case the birthday girl or boy gets to have fun discovering the instruments with the assistance of Esin or Ricardo. Also her or his favorite songs get to be included in the repertory.