Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira

Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira is a writer, designer and musician dedicated to various platforms of artistic production. She performs, composes and produces in styles that expand from early music to jazz. She plays most instruments that at least resemble a violin and some more, all of which can be heard in her orchestral works.

Ricardo Alves Pereira

Ricardo Alves Pereira is a multi-instrumentalist, arranger, producer who holds a master degree in classical guitar. He builds his works around the Musical Narrative concept which he developed througout years of his solo career, and today he applies the method to the TWB Ensemble. He is a devoted researcher of early music and myths of old days.

The Wandering Bard

The Wandering Bard (a.k.a. TWB Ensemble) is an early music formation dedicated to historically informed performances with storytelling content; following the footsteps of the bards of yore, they combine repertoire to bring myths, legends and stories of kings, queens and composers to the audience.

Leyriath Assemblage

Leyriath Assemblage, found by Ricardo Alves Pereira gathers folkloric, historical, geographical and ancestral lore of Northwest Iberia and merges them to tales of music and magic. The tales can be heard in some The Wandering Bard concerts where the ensemble accompanies the legends with unique arrangements of medieval and renaissance music. The rest can be found and followed via retold stories and raw poetry.

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In his third solo classical guitar album Streams of Tranquility, Ricardo Alves Pereira explores the still and the beautiful. The immersive and modern melodies weave the album’s soundscape into the depths of calmness within the contemporary music scene. Aside from presenting his skills as a classical guitar player, in this album Ricardo Alves Pereira also shares his composer side with the audience; and it is fresh, intimate and inviting. 

“My Vielle and the Rest” is a collection of 12th and 13th century songs, mainly but not only composed by troubadours and trouvairitz, presented as instrumental music in their most profound and most candlelit form for the audience to experience the silence, enjoy the darkness and cherish everything one can find within.

“The Foundation” is the second solo guitar album of Ricardo Alves Pereira. It is a complete collection of works first published in 1836, known as the Introduction à l’Étude de la Guitare, Op.60, written by composer and virtuoso guitarist Fernando Sor, one of the most famous musicians of the classical and romantic era. 

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