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The Foundation

“The Foundation” is the second solo guitar album of Ricardo Alves Pereira. It is a complete collection of works first published in 1836, known as the Introduction à l’Étude de la Guitare, Op.60, written by composer and virtuoso guitarist Fernando Sor, one of the most famous musicians of the classical and romantic era.

With this album Ricardo Alves Pereira recalls the beginning of his classical guitar journey, shares his connection to the learning process of his instrument and adds a personal touch to the repertory by titling them with the essential emotions and thoughts that can be sparked with each piece that builds the very foundation of any classical guitar player’s musical language. 

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Cinematic music, early music and world music works from 2022

Epic. Determined. Deep. Bittersweet. Hopeful. Powerful. These are just a few words to describe the music Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira composes and orchestrates with her beloved violin and viola. In this volume of The Songbook of Tchinar, the audience is invited to yearn for more and get driven to dare.

With their 5th album, The Wandering Bard presents yet another legend from the “Manuscripts of Leyriath”. In this collection, the eternal works of Claudio Monteverdi, Luis de Narvaez and Alonso Mudarra can be enjoyed in a way that was never heard before.

Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira presents her strong connection with Celtic music through sets of high spirited and exuberant Irish folk tunes, sentient O’Carolan classics and some of her originals. The album sets ground for the audience to engage in centuries old yet still fresh traditions.

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The Tale of Capricornus


This is a story with a happy ending, and like many other stories with happy endings, it starts with a sad beginning. A beginning so old that it had lost its age in time; countless autumns drizzled rain and dust over it and buried it alive. This beginning reaches us, collected and translated by generations of bards, out of whispers of breezes over the mountains Ayr i Kandir. And sang by the bards too, many a times, to the Capricornus itself, back then trapped and chained to the giants that stood still, shadowing the edges of the Kingdom of Leyriath.

This beginning is of pain and separation, when Ayr i Kandir, twin sons of Terreon rose during the Great Tremor, destroying the Ancient Leyriath and dragging the Children of Maaré away from her aquatic womb, forcing them to the dry lands. The titans rising from their realms, passing through seas of Ancient Maaré, had pulled with them at least one of the Portals of Zodiac, the mighty Capricornus itself, and many of the offsprings of Capricornus.

Few might not know but the Zodiacs, of magic and yet formless, in the times of Ancient Leyriath when…

5320 words / 15-25 minutes (reading order is not required to enjoy the works)


About CordaSonora

CordaSonora, found by Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira and Ricardo Alves Pereira, began with the purpose of providing artistic and promotional material for ensembles the two musicians were participating in, extending from early music to jazz
. In years, the content creation grew into a record label and photography/video production tailored for each formation.

CordaSonora team believes in artistic independence. Ricardo reflected this on his solo classical guitar career through Musical Narratives, a technique to redefine the concept of concert repertoire and storytelling; and Esin expanded her career as a violinist from metal to jazz to world music and composing, aside from her international classical training. Their search for independence merged together in the first ensemble they became founding members of; the TWB ensemble (The Wandering Bard) recorded their first LP with the recording gear Esin obtained through winning the Outstanding Talent Award from the Keep An Eye Foundation for her participation as the concert-master of the Jong Metropole 2017 project that lead to her investment in music production and sound engineering. This became the beginning of a journey that is getting better by the minute.

The CordaSonora philosophy is about presenting the product from a 100% authentic and autonomous channel; which is why not only the audio production but the visual content presented in this page are provided by the musicians themselves.

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