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Streams of Tranquility

In his third solo classical guitar album Streams of Tranquility, Ricardo Alves Pereira explores the still and the beautiful. The immersive and modern melodies weave the album’s soundscape into the depths of calmness within the contemporary music scene. Aside from presenting his skills as a classical guitar player, in this album Ricardo Alves Pereira also shares his composer side with the audience; and it is fresh, intimate and inviting. 


Three singles from the album are released in advance to present the ambience experienced throughout the album composed by Ricado Alves Pereira. “Stardust” is an instrumental love song inspired by the thought that everything in our world, including ourselves, is made of stardust. “The Timeless I: Into Oblivion” fully envelops the listener with a feeling of endless adrifting. “Nocturnal Voices II: Nightwalker” is a musical expression of calm darkness and continuous wandering in the still night.

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Cinematic music, early music and world music works from 2022

“My Vielle and the Rest” is a collection of 12th and 13th century songs, mainly but not only composed by troubadours and trouvairitz, presented as instrumental music in their most profound and most candlelit form for the audience to experience the silence, enjoy the darkness and cherish everything one can find within.

“The Foundation” is the second solo guitar album of Ricardo Alves Pereira. It is a complete collection of works first published in 1836, known as the Introduction à l’Étude de la Guitare, Op.60, written by composer and virtuoso guitarist Fernando Sor, one of the most famous musicians of the classical and romantic era. 

Epic. Determined. Deep. Bittersweet. Hopeful. Powerful. These are just a few words to describe the music Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira composes and orchestrates with her beloved violin and viola. In this volume of The Songbook of Tchinar, the audience is invited to yearn for more and get driven to dare. 


Title piece from
"Streams of Tranquility"

By Ricardo Alves Pereira

(includes additional score with extracted melody)

This month’s Premium Content comes in the form of a score. This has been a long lasting dream that team CordaSonora was walking towards for some time now. Many composers and interpreters throughout the written-music history would publish their compositions (or their interpretations of others’ compositions) as sheet music for their audience to enjoy. There were times when this was the only way to record and reproduce music of course, but even with sound recording technologies getting advanced, score publishing did not slow down as scores give a different opportunity to the players; a chance to make the music “their own”. We feel the need as much as the next player when it comes to scores, and we feel the need as much as the next composer as well, to share our music in notated form as much as the recording. So without further ado, here comes Ricardo Alves Pereira’s scoring of the title track from CordaSonora’s latest release “Streams of Tranquility”, which is prepared for the classical guitar player and also for any other musician to enjoy as the original score is followed by the extracted melody, which is the first that will be followed by many.

Available in .PDF and in .jpeg formats


About CordaSonora

CordaSonora, found by Esin Yardimli Alves Pereira and Ricardo Alves Pereira, began with the purpose of providing artistic and promotional material for ensembles the two musicians were participating in, extending from early music to jazz
. In years, the content creation grew into a record label and photography/video production tailored for each formation.

CordaSonora team believes in artistic independence. Ricardo reflected this on his solo classical guitar career through Musical Narratives, a technique to redefine the concept of concert repertoire and storytelling; and Esin expanded her career as a violinist from metal to jazz to world music and composing, aside from her international classical training. Their search for independence merged together in the first ensemble they became founding members of; the TWB ensemble (The Wandering Bard) recorded their first LP with the recording gear Esin obtained through winning the Outstanding Talent Award from the Keep An Eye Foundation for her participation as the concert-master of the Jong Metropole 2017 project that lead to her investment in music production and sound engineering. This became the beginning of a journey that is getting better by the minute.

The CordaSonora philosophy is about presenting the product from a 100% authentic and autonomous channel; which is why not only the audio production but the visual content presented in this page are provided by the musicians themselves.

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